Featured Projects

Astraeus is an arcade-style space game in which you must jump between planets without running out of fuel for your ship. If you over-shoot, well, you done goofed.


Text Quest is a first-person text-based adventure inspired by the interactive fiction games of old. It's exactly what it sounds like.

Text Quest

Platformer From Hell is a classic puzzle-platformer that uses inverted gravity as the linchpin for punishing the hubris of mere mortals. How many times will you die?

Platformer From Hell

About Hoosier Games

An independent group of student developers

Hoosier Games is a group of independent student developers from Bloomington, Indiana. In 2010, with only a handful of dedicated members, Hoosier Games began its career. Despite a “staff” that changes each semester, no money to pay its hard-working “employees”, and no direct involvement from Indiana University faculty and staff, Hoosier Games continues to produce not only quality work but quality workers. Hoosier Games prides itself on turning students with little to no experience into the developers and designers who will in time join the league of the industry’s veterans.

Hoosier Games’ hobbies include aggressive brick marketing, pulling development all-nighters, and long walks on simulated beaches.